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Video Production

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Maternity Video – $500+

Capturing the beauty of your journey and creating re-livable moments is our mission. Everyone’s story and journey to bringing forth new life is different but they’re all stories worth telling. Create a keepsake for your family and little one. Packages require a 2 hour minimum and include editing of the final video.

Brand Video – $1,100+

Audiences want to feel like they have a personal connection with you. Create a more intimate and lasting connection with them by sharing your story with the, your “Why”. With a brand video you’re able to provide your audience with an inside look of your life and process in creating and maintaining your brand and why you decided to take on this adventure. Packages include a four hour session and editing.
Lifestyle & Editorial
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Event Videography – $500+

Getting coverage of your event whether corporate, theatrical or other, is imperative to getting your message out to your key and further audience. Investment starts at $250 per hour for the first two hours then $100 for each additional hour for a one camera setup. Videography ONLY includes video coverage. If you have a sound engineer handling house audio, we can connect to their system to get a clean recording for the video. If you need a more intricate setup, including audio and lighting check out our video production packages.

Video Production

Lights… Camera… Audio? Video production is a more comprehensive coverage using lighting and audio to help convey the message of your film. Whether a commercial, livestream, series, short film or feature film, we’re here to help bring yout vision to life. There are a number of variables that go into creating a budget for your project. Some small commercials require minimum crew and can be accomplished for $2500, others are more in depth and can go up to $10,000 plus.  Have an idea but want to get an idea of the investment? Fill out the contact form and leave detailed information. If you are submitting for a film, DO NOT include your script! Kindly inform us of the number of pages in the script and the genre.
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